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Decreasing the loading time it takes to load your website is the #1 thing you can do to  dramatically increase other areas of your sales,  marketing, and customer experience. The following are some of the reasons why you need to optimize your website to load faster

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Our Website Speed Optimization Services are geared towards any type of website whether small, medium or large. Let our Website Speed Optimization Experts turn your slow website into a fast loading site that you can be proud of. Your Website will be fine-tuned to load fast as quickly as possible… Below are some of the many Website Page Speed Optimization Services you will receive from us when you partner with us today.

Remove Unused Code

Our Website Speed Optimization Service Experts will remove any unused codes and unnecessary codes from your site which will save bytes and minimize bandwidth use.

Database Optimization

If your site has been around for a while, there may be some garbage in the database that is slowing it down. For example, expired transients on Woocommerce sites can be a huge problem. As part of our service, we cleanup and optimize your database to ensure it’s running as fast as possible.

404 & Bad Request Repair

It’s not unusual to find spelling errors in code or some other issue that is causing images to break or bad requests to your server. We will review all elements that your site loads to ensure they’re not timing out or resulting in a 404 error.

Set Up CDN On Your Site is a fantastic service and we recommend it to all customers (the free service is all you need). Cloudflare speeds up your DNS hosting (very commonly overlooked when it comes to speed), provides a content delivery network and several other acceleration features that no other provider or plugin offers

Browser & Page Caching

Caching is one of biggest improvements you can make to your website speed. Caching setup is a lot more complex than simply installing a caching plugin and turning everything on. We take care of everything from the beginning to the end for you

Minify Code (CSS, JS, HTML)

We will remove unnecessary bytes like spaces, breaks and indentation. After implementing this important issue on your site, it will help free up some space to increase the site speed

HTAccess File Optimization

HTAccess is one of your web server’s key configuration files and it often contains code that is slowing you down or causing problems in some way. We review all your HTAccess configuration settings to make sure that it’s configured in a best way and everything is setup correctly.

Anti-Heartbeat Setup

Especially for larger sites or sites where a lot of users are logged into at once, the Website Heartbeat can create problems. We will reconfigure your Website heartbeat settings to ensure that this doesn’t become a problem for your site.

HTTPS - Setup & Configuration

The entire web is moving to HTTPS and it’s a good thing too. HTTPS ensures all data transmitted between your website and your visitors is encrypted. When your site loads, HTTPS web browsers will use the newer HTTP2 protocol which needs less connections to the server and it improves the render and load speed.

Before & After Reports

In all the Website Speed Optimization Services we provide, we take before and after speed snapshots so we can show you exactly what improvements to site speed have been achieved. This gives a clear understanding on how we are improving your site speed

Image Optimization

All images on your website will be fully optimized to reduce the sizes and retain the highest image quality. We will compress all images to reduce file size and keep the quality the same.

Plugin Review & Pruning

Duplicated and outdated plugins are a huge problem when it comes to Website speed. It is mostly simple as having multiple SEO plugins installed which is bad for both speed & your Google rankings. We review all your plugins or apps to ensure they’re actually all required.

Server Compression Tuning

Many website servers don’t have compression turned on by default. We make sure your server compression settings are tuned on for maximum performance. This ensures that, your website loads fast by compressing images and content.

PHP7 Upgrade

PHP7 is the latest version of PHP and is 2-3x faster than PHP5 which is the version of PHP your website is probably running (there’s no PHP6). This translates to approximately 0.5 seconds faster load time which is great for getting under that 1 second total load. Not all web hosts offer PHP7 yet and not all website support it.

Post Speed Fix Site Backup

Once our Website Speed Optimization Experts have finished the website speed optimization, we’ll give you a full backup of your site via Dropbox. What we’ve found after working with 100s of customers is that most of our clients don’t have a backup of their site at all!

As Part Of Our Website Speed Optimization Services, We Will Do One Of The Following To Enhance The Speed Of Your Website

Our Robust Website Speed Optimization Services Process

Our Website Speed Optimization Services Process is simple but highly effective. With our process, we strive to meet the high expectations of our clients and ensure maximum client satisfaction by optimizing their website to rank high and to be on the first page of major Search Engines. Below are the process we go through to speed your website.

How We Can Help Increase The Speed Of Your Website & Turn It Into Hypersonic Speed Mode

Here at AS Web Designer, we are driven by results. The success of your website speed is our main priority and we will not sleep or rest until our WordPress Speed Optimization Experts turn your slow website into HYPERSONIC SPEED MODE. This is what we always aim for our clients and we will make sure you get the same results. Here’s how Our Website Speed Optimization works.

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Option 2: Custom Website Speed Optimization Services.

Regardless of your industry, we provide simple but powerful solutions to get your Website load super fast in order rank high in search engines. We make sure that your requirements are tailored properly and excellent service is delivered at the first place. Moreover, we provide a reliable and fast support, 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee. So are you ready for our Website Speed Optimization Service Experts to turn your slow website into a Hypersoinic Speed Mode? IF YES! THEN TALK TO OUR WEBSITE SPEED EXPERTS NOW!

Customers Reviews

AS Web Designer Website Speed Optimization Services Experts are fast and highly skilled to handle any complex speed optimization work. I want to thank the team for how quickly they work on my WordPress website which was extremely slow
Sarah Patton
It was great to work with professional WordPress Speed Optimization Experts and i am glad i chose AS Web Designer. Their customer support is fantastic and they responded to me on time. My Woocommerce store is now one of the fastest websites which loads just 1.7 seconds
Hayman Ali
A friend of mine introduced this amazing services to me and they have really saved me so much stress. The pages within my website are loading faster now. Than you so much
Tommy Craig

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Website Speed Optimization Services

100% Yes, we work with WooCommerce. We are actually WooCommerce Speed Optimization experts and have worked on numerous WooCommerce stores. If you have a WooCommerce store, check out our WooCommerce Speed Optimization Services

Each plan covers only site. Message Us for a discount if you have more than 1 site for a discount.

We will notify you when the project is complete and provide you with a summary of what was done; and, we will explain any special instructions that you need to know moving forward.
The reporting includes all this; detailed before and after metrics for every single resource or asset that makes your site what it is, before and after video, various charts and graphs detailing the improvements made, project notations, recommendations and the like. In short, every possible thing you could want or need to know about how our work has affected your site.

We do, but such projects are automatically ineligible for refund/our guarantee even if we were, through no fault of our own, unable to actually implement your site’s new performance architecture.

Project sites hosted on restrictive hosting platforms (i.e. hosts like WP Engine, FlyWheel, Kinsta etc. that disallow caching plugins, for example) are ineligible for refund/our guarantee primarily because they limit our ability to fully optimize your website or do so in a way that is fine-tuned for your particular website’s needs.

Yes and no. First, we clone your site and insert it into a testing environment, thereby enabling us to do A/B testing with no potential for disruption to your live website. 95%+ of the of the project is actually done in this testing environment. However, once we feel we have everything dialed-in, we do have to implement the changes on your live website, which constitutes ~5% of the project.

100% Yes! You are free to purchase any of our plans and resell them to your clients. For Agencies, Freelancers and Resellers, we offer discounts on any of the plans if you sign up 7 or more clients. Message Us for more details

Yes, in the event we cannot optimize your site within 30 days which is unlikely, we will issue you a refund after 30 days.

Most of the Website Speed Optimization Service projects we handle takes 1-5 days to complete it depending on the complexity of the website

Yes. Making a backup prior to making any changes to your website, or having changes made, is highly recommend and basic best practices. We will also backup the entire website before our Website Speed Optimization Experts begin working on it

With our Website Speed Optimization service, we test multiple optimization configurations, find out what works best for your unique website; then, construct a performance architecture that will make it as fast as it can possibly be — for everyone, everywhere, at all times, thereby providing your site’s users with an optimal user experience. This performance architecture will be robust, self-maintaining, self-evolving and as automatic as is possible. We optimize specifically for the real-world, user-centric performance metrics that Google themselves recommend optimizing for so that you can stop worrying about your site’s performance and move on with the business of publishing content.

Some combination of the following will be needed. We will let you know exactly in the email you will receive after ordering:
Administrator-level WordPress login credentials (username and password).
If applicable: Domain registrar login credentials (login URL, username and password).
If applicable: Hosting account login credentials (username and password).
If applicable and if you have cPanel: cPanel login credentials (username and password).
If applicable and if you have cPanel with WHM: WHM login credentials (login URL, username and password).
If applicable: (S)FTP login credentials (host, username, password and port).
If applicable: CloudFlare (or Sucuri, etc) login credentials (username and password).
If applicable: Secondary CDN (e.g. MaxCDN) login credentials (username and password).
Note: All credentials you provide to us are deleted from our server upon project completion. Once your project is completed, you are also encouraged to change any passwords you have provided to us.

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