refund policy

We play fair, we expect the same from our members. Here Are The Clear Terms:

Refund Policy: Please note that we provide refunds to customers ONLY when the work hasn’t been started. If the services or the work has started, No Refund will be issued. We invest our money, time, energy, internet data into any project we start so no refund will be issued once the work has begun.

– Refund requests such as: ‘Payment Not Authorized’: It’s really easy for us to prove that this payment was authorized because we have information on you, including (your IP address, credit card information, friends in common, and more), to prove your identity. These types of refund requests will be denied.

– Refund requests such as: ‘I Forgot To Cancel My Membership’: please know that we do not issue refunds for that since you have and had access all this time. We cannot be responsible for whether or not you take action before canceling your membership.

– Refund requests such as: ‘I Had No Way To Contact You’: Our contact information is located on almost every page on this website including the Header and the Footer so you can contact us at anytime

– We do the best we can to help our clients have the best experience with our services and by doing our due-diligence like we do, is part of offering an EXCELLENT service.

– By purchasing any of our products or services, you acknowledge our refund policy and accept these terms and conditions.

– If you need support or want to talk to us before purchasing, you can contact us here (Contact Us)


1. Credit card providers and payment processors like PayPal for example, frown on refunds, and we want to remain in good terms with our payment processors. By doing our due diligence like we did and do, we protect our most valued assets i.e. our payment processors.

3. By doing our due diligence like we did, EVERYONE (including you) was/are protected and advised transparently.

By having a solid refund policy like this, we are protecting the interest of EVERYONE implicated in the transaction, including you considering you are a client yourself.


FAIR WARNING: Please note that if you do not qualify for a refund and still try to get one… we have a PDF version of this very web page you are reading right now, so we are ready to fight the claim and… we will win. Why will we win? Because our terms of refund are CRYSTAL CLEAR.

For us, it will be copy/paste… while for you it will be a long process to justify why you should get a refund when our refund policy is CRYSTAL CLEAR…

So let’s not waste our time here, please…

We did our due diligence accurately and we expect our members to behave honestly as well.

We know this concerns only a few bad apples but by law, we need to mention it.

We are a community of like-minded people and we all want to make money honestly and for many years to come..

** By making our refund policy like this, we are weeding-out tire-kickers and freebie seekers.

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