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Multi Column Dropdown Menu


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Our Shopify Small Tasks Experts will setup and Add Multi Column Dropdown Menu to the header of your shopify store which will help streamline your dropdown menu with a huge gamut of products


Do you want to add multi column dropdown menu to the header of your shopify store to categorize all your menus and assist your customers in making their search for a product easy on your store but wondering how to do it.

Our Shopify Small Tasks Experts will help setup and make your dropdown menu easier to navigate for your users, especially if you have a wide variety of products and collections. We implement this feature by adding multiple columns on your dropdown menu so as to organize it better and make it easy to navigate


  1. Place an order for “Multi Column Dropdown Menu”
  2. After Placing an order, open a support ticket and send us your Shopify Login Details, the menus you want us to add which must include both the main menu and the sub-menus and any additional information so that our Shopify Small Tasks Experts will begin to work and integrate the mega drop down menu on the header of your Shopify store or Message Us if you need any help and we will be more than happy to help you with all your request and questions.


  1. You must have a paid or active Shopify Account
  2. Your shopify store must have products and categories already created in it for this feature to work. Get A Custom Quote if you want us to create new categories for you


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